Pen and Ink Demonstrations

I will be placing a number of my pen and ink demonstrations in this area over the coming months. Currently there are three pen and ink demonstrations on this website with links to them given below.

Pen and ink is a wonderful medium that lends itself well for combining with other mediums such as watercolor. Over time this site will explore the full range of possibilities of using pen and ink including, pen and wash, ink and pastel, pure pen and ink drawing, ink and brush painting, etc.

Pen and ink demonstrations

Speeded up video of pen and ink drawing – Demonstration 1

I have just finished producing a Video of a demonstration of how to paint with Pen, Ink and Watercolor brush. If you would like to have a look at a speeded up version of the demonstration you can see it below.

You can buy the full version (45 min) of this video demonstration which is available as a download from my PaintingWithWatercolors website at this link: Pen, Ink and Brush video demonstration.

Country road scene – Demonstration 2

Step by step pen, ink and watercolor wash painting demonstration.

Pink Magnolias with pen, ink and wash – Demonstration 3

Pen and ink and wash demonstration of pink magnolia flowers.

Sydney Harbor Bridge and The Rocks – Demonstration 4

Sydney Harbor Bridge and The Rocks pen and ink demonstration

Flower pen and ink – Demonstration 5

Drawing of flower in black ink using pen and brush